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I would, without hesitation, recommend

Anthony spent the day repairing plaster and painting. He was exceptionally polite, timely arrived when he said he would and consistently updated me on his progress. I am also impressed with the cleanliness of his work – he very thoroughly cleaned up the mess and used adequate materials to protect the carpet and furniture. I would, without hesitation, recommend or use Anthony again. He represents CSM very well as have all the CSM employees I have worked with on this project.

Sheila Cabbelle

I highly recommend CSM.
All the promises made were kept.

I want to thank everyone at CSM construction that was involved in getting my house back together. You have been like a second family to me the last 10 months. The series of events which started in April of last year with putting my favorite dog buddy down due to cancer, I lost an uncle due to cancer two weeks later, my mother passed due to cancer in May, a cousin died of cancer in June, someone put sugar in my gas tank causing me to lose transportation in June and ended with my kitchen Fire June 25th of last year. You have been my second family during this process.

I live in a small town in Shipman Illinois, I wasn’t present at the time it started but I had gone home to find it on fire and went to a neighbor’s to report it. When I arrive back to my house, Shipman, Brighton, Bunker Hill, Medora, and Carlinville fire departments were all at my house.

CSM Construction dried my home out and took what they could to preserve it. A very nice gentleman came from CSM construction. He was recommended to me and when I spoke to him he assured me that I would not have to deal with anyone whether it would be the subcontractors or the insurance company. That statement right there is what made me feel right at home as well as his self confidence and assurance that it would be okay.

The next phases were a matter of getting the subcontractors there on time. I am here to tell you that doesn’t happen all the time. Christy Loehrer was the negotiator with these people. That lady basically runs the company. She’s your go-to person. She will fix everything she can and smooth over everything possible. I have learned one thing throughout this experience if you have patience and you are willing to work with her she will bend over backwards for you. There are going to be holdups, emergencies due to weather, a rash of fires or whatever disasters happen with other projects that they have going on. Be patient.

I didn’t have a car… either she came to my home from St. Charles, brought samples for flooring to my house, took me to Home Depot where I picked other things I needed for the house and returned me home.

As we were coming close to the end of the project, CSM has a few skilled people that work very well with me to accomplish my goals for my house. Anthony Brodack was my right-hand man. He got to know me and once he knew what my goals were for the future of my house, he helped me choose the right type of doors, color for the trim, what to paint on the ceilings and the walls since I wasn’t going to just live in it. I was planning to sell it. He knows the market and if something was really bugging him he would ask me to come to the job site to show me in person. I like the trust relationship that him and Christy build with their customers. Sometimes that’s equally important as the job itself.

Andy S. work with him side-by-side to meet the deadline that the insurance company sets.

Everything in the end has been 100%. Christy and Anthony will both go out of their way for you. I will tell you they don’t get paid enough for their knowledge or skill set whether it’s the amount of work involved or customer relations. They have never said anything bad about the company they represent or the overwhelming load that they have to deal with.

I highly recommend CSM. All the promises made were kept.


Lynne Walker

exceptional performance standard


 Mike, Regardless of how much you would have charged me for my job you would have continued to get all my clients referrals, there is just a professionalism and exceptional performance standard that makes me look good whenever y’all show up for an estimate or to actually do a job for me. Your generosity is just another indicator that your appreciation of my sending your company my business is true, not just lip service. Your generosity helps me beyond what you can imagine and I want to say thank you and please be ready for every job my customers will ever need done!


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