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CSM Construction and Restoration, Inc.



– board up & secure

– pack out & clean

– rebuild & restore



fire mold storm restoration

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fire mold storm restoration st louis


fire damage remodeling

A+ 10 years in a row!

mold damage remediation and remodeling



fire damage remodeling and construction



fire damage remodeling and construction



fire mold storm restoration



About Us

CSM Construction and Restoration services St. Louis, Illinois and Lake Ozark.  We are a “Go anywhere, anytime company” with experience dealing with a variety of local regulations, agencies, and cultures.  We serve a diverse array of clients, large and small.

Our management has over 150 years of combined experience in emergency service, disaster restoration, mold remediation, consulting, engineering and general contracting.  We are a full-service company.

We are often found at the scene of today’s headlines.  After the media and cameras have gone home, CSM is busy putting lives and communities back together.


Flood Damage Restoration


When it comes to a water loss it is imperative to act quick. CSM has an emergency response team that is available 24/7. We realize how traumatic damage to a home can be. We can bring your residence or business back to pre loss condition.

CSM is mold certified. Our trained technicians will contain your loss and create a safe clean environment. Exposure to mold can cause serious health complications. CSM has all the latest equipment to dry your structure out. The injectidry system can dry the interior cavity of your wall with no drywall removal. The desiccant system can take days off of your dry out time.


Fire & Smoke Restoration

If you have smoke damage, content damage and property damage. Let CSM help, we know you have enough to deal with. CSM can rebuild your structure from start to finish. Restore your contents to their original state through UltraSonic Cleaning. Store all your personal things in our climate controlled warehouse.

We strive to get you back to Pre-Loss condition in the fastest way possible.


Mold Remediation 

Mold can spread throughout a property in less than 48 hours. CSM specializes in microbial remediation and has the latest technology in structural drying equipment.

CSM Construction follow all EPA and OSHA guidelines as well as the Institute of Inspection. In mold situations we determine the cause, eliminate the water source and remediate the spores. We are very careful not to cross contaminate and always build containment.


Storm Damage Restoration 

CSM has traveled the US helping people after disaster hits. CSM can help you rebuild. From start to finish we handle it all; roofing, siding, guttering, interior and exterior. CSM handled claims in Katrina, Irene, Mathew, Harvey, Irma, Florence and Michael. As a preferred restoration company for some of the largest insurance companies CSM travels all throughout the US. We have experience with some of the largest catastrophes.

We can save time and money using the top of line equipment available in our industry (Injectidry system, Thermo Imaging, Esporta Cleaning, UltraSonic, Desiccant Dehumidification.)



CSM is busy building some of Missouri’s first Cannabis facilities. Opening soon Heya Wellness.

CSM Construction is proud to be in the process of building out a new marijuana dispensary in the form bally’s fitness center in St. Ann. Keep an eye out here for photos of our process.

Learn More Here 

CSM is busy building some of Missouri's first Cannabis facilities.  Opening soon Heya Wellness.

Why Use CSM Construction?

We care about the Client

CSM develops a relationship with your client. We understand that they have just suffered a loss. CSM takes all of the pressure of the client by communicating with the insurance company and the adjuster.

Certified and Trained Employees

CSM makes it a top priority that our employees receive constant training and certification. Every employee has a background check and is screened.

We Understand that documentation is vital in our industry.

Quality and Money

Why these two together? It is our job to provide quality work at industry pricing. Our equipment allows us to do that. Fogging, Ozone, and Ultra Sonic cleaning allow us to deliver top-of-the-line remediation at an affordable cost. We are a full-service contractor. CSM with extract, remediate, restore content, rebuild, and return your client to pre-loss condition. We build that relationship and don’t hand them off during the process.

Why CSM is Different

  • Certified Restorer Certificate

    There are only 389 active CR’s in the US, Europ, and Canada. A CR is trained in rebuilding, personal content, and personal property restoration.

The CERTIFIED RESTORER Certification Program is widely recognized as the preeminent training program in damage repair

Michael Sellenschuetter CR #582

Yes, We Can Help!

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

  • Owner request 10-Day Completion
  • CSM restored in 8 days
  • Cleaned 90,000 apparel items
  • Employees remained working
  • Built 18′ containments

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

Mon-Fri 8a-5p 




Great company that employs top-notch employees! Keep up the great work!

Aaron F 

mold damage remediation and remodeling
fire water mold storm rebuild

If you need repairs due to a storm, these people will help and have great customer service.



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